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Материал компании: Jiangsu Dayang Wood Co,.Ltd

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  • Страна: Китай
  • Город: Suqain City,Jiangsu Province,china

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  • здесь только несколько оставные декоры продукции нашей фабрики .

Аннотация материала

Engineered Wood
Most emulation, Varied innovation
Engineered Wood is not only designed as extremely same as rare natural species in texture and color, holding eidos of "people oriented", it can be created as varied individuational species by flexible and multivariate innovation.
Our series of products conclude:Oak、Ebony、Zebra、Maple、Cherry、Teak、Walnut、Wenge、Ash、Apricot、Rosewood、Sapelli、Beech、Roots、Cat’s Eye and other special species made to order.
Property be excellent, Cost economized
Without connatural defects of worm-hole、knots、color distortion、decay and so on, with better physical and chemical property、regular texture and color、uniform specification, it can be easily processed to different sizes according to various demands,so up to the effect of material full-use
Stable quality, Favorable price
Advanced and finest quality management system makes the quality stable and mature, and the price is more favorable.
Environment protectable
Engineered Wood is the best substitute of natural species getting lost increasingly, it protects the world’s virgin forest resources. The “E1” glue which is custom-tailored by our technique R&D Dept. for Engineered Wood comes up to the National Environmental Protection Standard, so the Engineered Wood is a real environmental protection product.


у нас две фабрики .другая находится в провинции ГуаньДунь
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А я забыл, пароль:(


А я забыл, пароль:-(